Mafia Wars 2 Guide: How to Refill Health

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Mafia Wars 2

Health Is Wealth

The moral, learn how to refill health in Mafia wars 2. Essentially, keeping your character healthy or at maximum hit points, wins you fights. Although dying doesn't really put you in much disadvantage, hurting the macho self image set in Mafia Wars 2 does takes it toll.

Know Your Mafia Wars 2 Health Bar

Mafia Wars 2 Health

Your Mafia Wars 2 health bar should be located on top, Represented by a heart and number. This corresponds to the total number of hit points your Mafia Wars 2 character has.

Health Bar During Fights

The health bar is also shown during combat. Depending on how much damage you inflict and in return receive, the bar decreases. When the health bar of your opponent or your character reaches zero (totally black), death comes following instantaneously.

Important notes on healing

Mafia Wars 2 Health

  • Some fights you cannot heal instantly by using the cash method. (Arena fighting, fending off attacks from your neighbors turf, etc.)
  • When you can't heal using the cash method, special items are needed in order to heal.
  • Some fights can use the cash method in healing such as, boss fights and fending off attackers from your own turf.

How to Heal Your Mafia Wars 2 Character

There are actually two ways you can actually do Mafia Wars 2 health refills, but you should take in mind the important notes mentioned earlier.

The healing indicator

When your health bar indicates you have received damage, a plus sign will appear. This is an indicator that you can start to heal your character.

Simply click on the plus (+) sign beside your health bar and the heal menu pops up. There on, a few options are available for you to choose.

Mafia Wars 2 Health

Using The Cash Method

In certain fights, healing with the use of cash is pretty convenient. Simply click on the Green Refill Button,  instantly this replenishes your health bar to it's full capacity. The certain amount of cash deducted varies on the level of your character. The higher, the more cash required. Your character should be able to fight again without risks of certain death.

Can't Heal Using Cash?

The image shows that in some fights, requires a special item in order to heal your character. There is no choice left except, follow the second method of healing.

Mafia Wars 2 Health

The Special Item Method

Mafia Wars 2 Health

Use of certain special items, increase the health of your character. often needed when your engaged in rival combat in Mafia Wars 2 fight arena, these items can either be bought in Mafia Wars 2 gold, cash, or produced on your workshop.

Special Health Items

Mafia Wars 2 Health

Mafia Wars 2 Health

Simply click on your inventory and on the consumables tab (Heart with a yellow thunderbolt), here you can view the certain special items you currently carry. Although not all are related to health recovery, looking at the descriptions will allow you to identify the uses. The image shows I currently have a +20 health refill, x4 in quantity. Clicking on the orange button USE will instantly heal you character with 20 points of health, using all four will total to 80 points of health refilled on your health bar.

Tip on How to Collect Free Health Refills.

Clicking on the orange button, ask friends will actually save you a lot of hard earned cash. The early stages of the game makes it difficult to obtain cash for those who can't afford to be always there to grab cash from workers or either use up energy efficiently, engage combat and loot others. Now that you've got the idea on how to refill health in Mafia wars 2, it's time to show them who's boss :D Drop some comments or suggestions, thoughts are always welcomed, happy or not

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