Advertisement Solutions

Advertising Description: provides different types of advertisement schemes upon request. Advertisers’ market decision making can be implement and promoted in a timely matter. Compared with other gaming sites, provides more services at the same price. As an excellent online game media. charges far less than traditional Medias, like TV, newspaper and radio.

Advertising Rate Card:

1.Advertising Rate Card

1.1 Favorable Package:

Package 1
MMOsite Homepage skin:
Leader board spots:50,000 impression *30days
Rectangle spots: 50,000 impression*30days
MMOsite Homepage Most Hit This Week
Select two $200 items from Item 3
Package 2
MMOsite News site skin:
MMOsite Feature site skin:
MMOsite Video site skin:
MMOsite Homepage Most Hit This Week
Leader board spots:50,000 impression *30days
Select two $200 items from Item 3
Package 3
MMOsite Gamelist site skin:
MMOsite Forum site skin:
MMOsite Photo site skin:
Rectangle spots: 30,000 impression*30days
Select two $200 from Item 3
Package 4
BBGsite Background skin
BBGsite Forum:
BBGsite Contest Skin:
Leader board spots:40,000 impression *30days
Rectangle spots: 40,000 impression*30days
Package 5
BBGsite Gamelist:
BBGsite Review:
BBGsite News skin:
Leader board spots:30,000 impression *15days
Rectangle spots: 30,000 impression*15days

1.2 CPM Rate:

Banner Size Impressions/day
Leader board 728*90 30,000
Rectangle 300*250 30,000
Note: The above CPM impressions are for campaigns targeted at the global audience, and they will be displayed in our ad-system sites (MMOsite, BBGsite, etc). In order to improve the campaign effect,our system will adjust the ad placements and proportions automatically.

1.3 $200 Items:

Contest Support
Review Support
Feature: Build game zone
Gamelist : Editor's Recommendations & NEW MMOs
Forum: New MMO Discussion & text link & Recommended Board List & Recommended Topic
Note: All rates above are effective from February 10th, 2015 through December 31, 2015. For detailed advertising solution, please visit:, these prices are subject to change at any time.

2.AD Placement

1Leader Board Spots (728x90)
Width: 728px
Height: 90px
Maxsite: 50 Kbytes
Formats: JPG, GIF, SWF
Tracking: Yes
2Rectangle Spots (300x250)
Width: 300px
Height: 250px
Maxsite: 50 Kbytes
Formats: JPG, GIF, SWF
Tracking: Yes
3Skin (1680x900)
Width: 1680px
Height: 900px
Maxsite: 80 Kbytes
Formats: JPG
Tracking: Yes

3. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What does CPM exactly mean?

CPM =Cost per Thousand Impressions, CPM based advertising ensures that you get exactly what you pay for. Your campaign will run until all of your impressions are consumed, regardless of how long it takes.

2. Can I change my daily impression amount?

Yes, daily impression amount varies depending on the advertiser’s needs and available inventory.

3. Any restriction on the ad campaign period?

Yes, the minimum period is 7 days for individual ad form. And of course, there is no restriction on maximum period ^_^.

4. What payment methods do we accept?

We accept payments via PayPal and wire transfers.

5. Which advertising format do we accept?

We accept many advertising formats, including JPEG, GIF, etc.

6. What is the max banner size?

The banner size should not exceed 50K, and skin banner size should not exceed 80kb.

7. How can I know my ad’s performance?

We will provide the campaign report after your ad campaign end.

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Business Director: Carolyn Chen
QQ: 347613335
Skype: carolynchen000
Twitter: @BBGsiteCarolyn