Why no one answers my question? And what can I do?

Maybe because your question is not clear or specific enough, or too difficult. Try to describe it more clearly or set a higher reward point.

If still no one answers your question, you can select “Cancel Question” to cancel the question, however, the reward point you set will be deducted from your total point .

If there are some answers, but none of them satisfies you, you can select “No Satisfactory Answer” to cancel the question, and the reward point you set will not be deducted from you.

If there is more than one good answer and you just can’t decide which to select as the best answer, click “Set Vote ” and select the answers you are satisfied with as candidate answers, and set a limit on the number of votes, and then the answers will be open for users to cast votes. The first answer which reaches the vote limit will be automatically chosen as the best answer.

The last way is to raise your reward point to attract player's interest. Click "Raise Reward point" to raise your reward.

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