2. How to obtain EXP faster ?

4 ways available:

 1.Complete the user info.You can earn 15 EXP.



Your first login can earn you 20xp.10xp will be awarded for each login (exc. the first login), but three times at most each day. That is, you can get a maximum of 30 login EXP every day.

3.Add new friends.

When browsing a user’s homepage, you can click “Add as Friend” (as shown below) to add him/her as friend. Once the user accepts your request, you’ll get 5xp, and there’s no upper limit on the EXP you can get.


4. Invite friends.

You can send the link framed by red lines (as shown below) to your MSN or email friends. Once your friend registers as a BBGsite user through the link, you can get 20xp, and there’s no upper limit on the EXP you can get.

More ways will be made available for you to gain EXP and level up in the future, like posting articles, leaving comments on the articles, uploading pics, making posts and playing the games on “Play Now!”. Just stay tuned!

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