How to gain points in the "PK game" category?

PK Games can be created by players themselves. The PK Game Section should be the best place where players can compete with others. How to create a PK Game:

a. Choose the game to be created as a PK Game;

b. Set the stake on the PK Game;

c. Set the upper limit of participants;

d. set the PK game deadline;

e. Play the PK Game, and submit the highest score;
f. The PK Game is activated successfully.

If “B” wants to join the PK game created by “A”, he/she needs to have the stake (point) that “A” has set. After “B” submits the score, the required stake will be deducted automatically from “B”.

After the PK game ends, the final winner will get all the participants’ stakes (i.e. the set stake × the number of participants).

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