How to record the scores?

The participant can submit his/her scores repeatedly after playing any game, but only the highest score will be recorded. And the rankings will be wholly based on such highest score.
For example, “A” has played “xxxx” for three times. Score: 10,000 and Rank: 25 for the first play; Score: 18,000 and Rank: 3 for the second play; Score: 8,000 and Rank: 40 for the third play. After submitting the first score, “A” will be informed of the 25th rank with his/her score (10,000) recorded, and after submitting the second score, he/she will be informed of the 3rd rank with the higher score (18,000) recorded and the previous record of “25th rank” cleared up. After submitting the third score, “A” will only be informed of the 40th rank with his/her lower score (8,000) not recorded.

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