What kind of events in BBGsite Contest can I join now?

You can now join the key giveaway events, Q&A contests and great festival activities like the anniversary celebration. New kinds of events will be introduced successively in the coming days.

Key Giveaway

Just as the name shows, we hold this kind of event to give away game-related gift packs, activation codes, newbie packs, etc. While most of such things are free, only a small part is somewhat hard to get. That is, players may have to meet certain requirements first, e.g. replying a thread or exchanging 1 BBG Gold for the desired stuff.

Q&A Contest

In a Q&A Contest, players have to answer several raised questions (usually related to a certain game). Those who give all the right answers will have chance to get the prizes.

Festive Activity

Every time the great festivals (e.g. Christmas, Valentine’s Day and anniversary) arrive, BBGsite will hold corresponding themed events to celebrate, and invite game companies to offer related luring prizes. Such kind of activity usually contains many small events with abundant prizes, and is also very fun.


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