Female Employee Sues Capcom for Work-Place Bullying

BBGsite Editor:
A female game developer who worked on Dragon's Dogma claims she was bullied to the point of becoming suicidal

According to Kotaku's translation of an article on Minpokyo, the unnamed twenty-something female joined Capcom in 2009 and was assigned to what was the company's largest development team at the time, the Dragon's Dogma crew. Shortly after, a senior female employee was assigned to the team, and she promptly set about making things as unpleasant as possible for her younger subordinate.

The female employee claims that the manager went out of her way to criticize her in meetings and conspired to give her tasks that were impossible and often without any instructions. In one cited example she claims that she worked on a database to improve the efficiency of internal game development only to have her work put on the junk heap and told that "even if the database is a success, [she was] worthless to the team."

The report goes on to say that shortly after that happened two other managers went out of their way to get her fired. They allegedly spread rumors throughout the company that "her ideas stink," that she was a "problematic” employee who would abandon her work and skip meetings. When she attempted to fix the problem with Capcom's HR department, she claims that they did nothing to fix the situation.

Naturally this whole ordeal has led to a lawsuit against Capcom.

Capcom has not publicly commented on this story and it should be noted that hearing one side of the story puts Capcom in a bad light. No doubt the company will mount a defense against the young woman's claims in court.