BBGsite Weekly Wrap-up: Mar. 11 to Mar. 17

Time is a thief, stole away all the happiness in our sweet weekend. Yes, another Monday has come, it's time to face all the works in this new week. As usual, my current work is taking you look back on all the new/funny things brought forth on BBGsite during last week. Are you ready now? It's Weekly Wrap-up Time!

Top 10 Bald Tough Guys in Video Games

There's a saying that goes, "no hair grows on clever heads." However, in video games, bald head means more like brave than clever. Last week we introduced 10 bald guys in video games, everyone of them is a tough guy. Do you still remember who they are?

10. Shepard from Mass Effect 3

Shepard from Mass Effect 3

9. Dian Wei from Dynasty Warriors

Dian Wei from Dynasty Warriors

8. Prophet from Crysis

Prophet from Crysis