R2games and Elex Announce Cooperation to Launch F2P Mobile MMORPG - Excalibur

Date: Jul 24 2013 19:46:18 Views:
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R2Games and Beijing Elex have announced their cooperation to bring Excalibur, already widely successful in Asia, to American and European audiences. Excalibur will be the first side-scrolling action MMORPG on iOS and Android. The cooperation and investment by both companies marks the highest licensing cost in acquiring a mobile game in China.

Excalibur is the product of years of experienced development and design by developerLinekong, a heavyweight in the Chinese mobile action game market, which has garnered over 1.7 million monthly active users in the Asia-Pacific region and income in the tens of millions.


With assurance in Linekong’s quality development and the years of experience in localization and operations from R2Games and Elex, the partnership is confident in a successful European and American release.


Excalibur is an action side-scrolling MMORPG set in the realm of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. It combines a mix of MMORPG and classic beat ‘em up features. Players will experience thrilling combat and immersive story at their fingertips with a choice of three unique classes: wizards, warriors and assassins. The legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table will come to life in a beautifully rendered world in the palms of players’ hands.
Excalibur will be available for iOS and Android on tablet or smartphone.


About Elex

Beijing ELEX Technological Co. Ltd. was founded in 2008 with $ 3 million financial support from Tencent. As the world’s most influential developer and provider of social games and browser games in non-English speaking game markets, ELEX provides high-quality gaming services for 40 million active users. ELEX now has more than 8 million daily active users for its social games and browser games, across more than 30 countries including Taiwan, Vietnam, Russia, Germany, Turkey and Brazil.

About R2Games

R2Games is an international online game publisher specializing in micro-transaction based, free-to-play browser games. The company primarily works with development teams whose games appeal to wide audiences. R2Games’ growing portfolio includes hits Wartune, Crystal Saga, Yitien, and Eternal Saga. The company manages all marketing and PR, locates distribution channels, and carries out day-to-day operations including customer support, community management, promotion/event design and implementation.