Rivals at War: 2084 Guide: How to Tet More Experience Points, Free Energy

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As you gain experience points in Rivals at War: 2084, you increase in ranks, which earns you cards and bucks and other good bonuses. Energy is used whenever you play in the quick battle mode. Cards are self-explanatory – they are the cornerstone of the game. Read on to find out how to easily get more of all three!

Currently, energy does not run out, but in the future the promotion will end and you’ll have to wait for the energy to come back with time. You will end up being able to revive all of your energy immediately by turning the time on your phone (or tablet) ahead, then going back to the game and playing it again. Turning it ahead by an hour or two should suffice for recovering all of your energy.

Earn more experience points by winning as often as possible, although you can earn experience when you lose, as well. Overall, play more games to gain more experience. Play the star maps, too, though, and many of the mission rewards that you earn will be large boosts in experience points. The more “specials” that you earn per stage, as well, the more experience you gain. Specials include things such as headshots, veteran kills and streak kills.

Get free cards two different ways. Win five games in the quick battle mode, and you’ll earn free cards as a reward. Even better is that they will usually be silver and gold cards, not bronze cards. In addition, when you play in the star maps mode, most of the missions will have cards as a reward for completing them, so complete more and more missions to earn more and more cards. Each quick battle mission that you complete in the star maps will fill the quick battle meter, so don’t forget to claim those rewards, as well.