Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Paint & Play Review

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We are excited to review Disney's Digital new app featuring Mickey Mouse! Disney's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Paint app is loads of fun for any creative kid. The first page opens up and we can choose which section of the house we want to go to including the Kitchen, the Garden, the Living Room. We started with the kitchen and Mickey tells us to first color in his image before we start. There are some really fun items to choose from including painting with a sponge, using glitter and you even get to use the magic wand! My daughter had a lot of fun coloring in Mickey with polka dots, glitter and sponge paint. Every time you click on a new symbol, Mickey announces the item. This includes colors you pick and the numerous items available to help you decorate Mickey. The narrator is Mickey and is the same one you hear on the Disney Mickey Mouse cartoons.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Paint & Play

Once Mickey Mouse is colored he tells us how much he loves music and asks us to choose some music to play via the Juke Box.  You can record your own voice using different musical instruments like the guitar, piano, the flute or keyboard.  Each time you play music he tells you what type of music you are producing – this includes Ragtime and Country music.  This is a great feature as it teaches children about the different styles of music.  And by just pushing the red button, you are able to record your own style of music and singing.  My daughter sang about Mickey's Play House which came out pretty silly – but of course!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Paint & Play

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Paint & Playis a 3D coloring book that inspires creativity and interactive play through learning about color. The app includes unlimited combinations of tools, colors, patterns, and stickers for kids to create their own stories. With numerous animated 3D scenes and characters, kids will learn about color mixing, texture, symmetry, and more.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Paint & Play

This is a great app for your artist and creative child.  I really enjoyed the various features it includes that will keep them quite busy  – having fun, being creative and learning some important skills.

Additional features include:

  • A magic wand to transform your paintings into fully-animated 3D characters
  • Texture creation using your in-app camera
  • Experiment with color as you make cupcakes for the bake sale
  • Play music OR create your own with the Mousekemusic Player
  • Learn about colors, 2D, 3D, line, form, and symmetry