Amateur Surgeon 3 Cheats: Tips & Strategies

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we are here to share with you a set of tips and tricks that will hopefully help you get as many stars as possible and do it as fast as possible! So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below Touch Tap Play's Amateur Surgeon 3 cheats: tips & tricks for the perfect medics!

Get more stars to unlock new chapters
You need stars to unlock new chapters in Amateur Surgeon 3. You need as many as possible, make sure to play over and over the first three chapters until you unlock all the stars. The best way to get these is to first of all play the earlier, easier missions until you've unlocked every last star on offer. You'll get more stars on each attempt by making fewer mistakes, getting a higher score, and completing the operation as quickly as possible. To unlock bonus stars, select an operation then tap on one of the Bonus tabs to play a special challenge version of the operation.

Master the artery clamps
There are two essential steps for making use of the artery clamp, and you need to perform both of them before your patient gets into serious trouble. First, immediately double-tap any areas that have spurting blood. Next, you need to turn the wheel on the clamp - turn it with your fingers until the blood has stopped spraying completely. Now's a good time to check on the patient's heartbeat, as they may well need a shot of adrenaline before you move onto the less pressing parts of the operation.

Learn when to go fast and when to go slow
Doing things as fast as possible is the key in the game, but there are moments when you want to take your time (but not too long!): when using the chainsaw it's better to go slow and steady, either with the circular motions or by cutting the sides of an organ/object. Also, you should be patient with the battery zapper and wait for the critters to land, while the adrenaline shot (green injection) should also be done slower for maximum benefits.

Use the forceps after cutting with the chainsaw
Be very slow, deliberate and methodical when using the chainsaw in Amateur Surgeon 3. You'll know when you need to put it to use when you see a yellow outline around an object. It took me a while to get used with was that immediately after cutting something with the chainsaw, you have to remove it with the forceps. There is no sign that you have to do this, just remember it!

How to kill large creatures
If small insects can be easily fried off with the car battery, then delicately place them in the tray using the forceps. Larger ones require the chainsaw: First, shock them to keep them in place, then hold the chainsaw down on them without moving your finger. When the shock wears off, shock 'em again and repeat this process until they can be scooped up with the forceps.

Only use your partners when you really have to
You should be able to get every star in at least the first two stages of the game without resorting to the use of special operation partners. It takes 30 minutes for a partner to become available again and it will be some time until you will afford (or should) hurry that with coins, so simply don't use them. tart using them from the third chapter on, but never spend valuable coins on hurrying them back to you!

Optimize your time
You want to finish a surgery as fast as possible, and for that you need to optimize. The time left on the clock, and the patient's heartbeat. Always start with the biggest injuries first as they drain the most life from your patient. Then use the same item on all similar injuries: not only that you get a much better time this way, but you also increase that combo meter faster for a better score.

Red injection for poison goes fast
When you have poison inside the organs of your patients, use the red needle. Those needles aren't just good for keeping patients alive. Switch to the red needle and you'll be able to extract any hissing poison inside your patient. Point the needle over the green patch, then pull the plunger back to remove some of the poison. Rinse and repeat until every last drop has gone. Have in mind that you can drag this one extremely fast, unlike the adrenaline shot, so make sure you don't waste any time here.

What upgrades to buy
There are 5 upgrades that you can purchase and I recommend spending your coins there. By far the most useful and the one you should start with is the adrenaline shot (green injection) as it gives your patients more life when you use it, charges faster and can be used faster. Then get the combo bonuses for higher scores and finally focus on the cutting object upgrades

Earn combo score by using each tool in stages
You earn combo score multipliers in the game by successfully completing sections of the operation one after another, with little delay between each stage, and without making a mistake. We recommend using each tool in stages, applying it to each wound that can benefit from it before switching to the next tool in the operation. That way you'll minimize downtime between movements, and walk away with a great score.