My Muppets Show - Get More Food, Diamods, Coins Cheats

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Read on for some tips and tricks for how to get more food, diamonds, coins in My Muppets Show.

a. Earn free coins cash by completing every quest

Coins in this game take a role as a mean to buy that food, to buy decorations, to have more muppets, and to upgrade your dressing room as well.

In the way of getting those coins, you can gather them from muppets. Moreover, if you get Harv-E your coins will skyrocket so that you can merge muppets together in order to earn new muppets.

On the other side, unlocking a Durwood Clapper will also earn you more coins. In descriptions, at level 1 a Durwood Clapper earns 1,000 max coins and it will be going up massively when you upgrade to the next level like at level 4 it earns 3,500 max coins.So load up your dressing room with the clappers in which eventhough you are offline you will still collect coins when you get back to play this game.

In addition, just pick up your roses and your friend’s roses.Completing some goals in quick time will also earn lots of coins as goal rewards.Besides, getting your muppets fed will give you more coins at a higher rate of speed and you need food that will make you go to a concession stand.

My Muppets Show for Food, Diamods, Coins Cheats

b. Complete goals and upgrade the concession stand to earn more coins

Food will be needed to level up your muppets whereby upgrading the concession stand will give you a chance to earn even more food in fast way.In the way to get a huge quantity of food quickly is to order the Spaghetti as it takes 1 hour to deliver 500 food.Meanwhile, the Bacon and the Eggs will take three hours to deliver 1,500 food as it is the same time per food essentially.

Therefore, you simply maximize the number of your concession stands to earn food as quickly as possible.In addition, completing the goals of this game will also earn you food as a reward. Thus, try completing those goals as fast as you can so that you can maximize your food, and feed your muppets to insanely high levels to earn a bunch of coins

c. Increase experience level to collect free diamonds

Diamonds are the ultimate premium currency in this game that will allow you to speed up the game, to get new and rare muppets without waiting for Harv-E to finish mixing them, and to buy premium decorations.One free diamond will be yours if you gain an experience level.

For such reasons, try to keep leveling up and saving your diamonds in order to have enough for rare muppets by choosing them.Sometimes, when you clear away trash, you will find a diamond in the trash pile. Moreover, when you tap the "XP" bubble, you will also find the diamond flying up into your collection.

Completing the achievements as fast as you can in order to earn free diamonds as a reward.Those achievements are in the next tab over from the quests and they can offer you free diamonds for getting them completed as well.

Entering someone else’s referral code into your game will also give you free diamonds as a reward.In order to have a referral code, check the review section of either the iTunes or Google Play App Store or anywhere on social media to see who has attached their codes in their comment section.Once getting the codes from them, you can enter them to get advantage from them.

Any other way to get free diamonds is to go to the offer wall then click the plus sign button next to the diamonds counter.In this step, you can complete many of the offers for free whereby they will earn you free diamonds for doing something you would have paid the same price for, anyways.

In addition, inviting people and getting your invitation accepted will earn three diamonds.Because of this, you can invite them via referral codes, Twitter, Facebook or email.And, if your stage get much likes in a certain week, ypu will have a chance of collecting a ton of diamonds as a reward bonus.