Pocket Trains Awards Guide

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There are a series of awards available that provide prizes for their completion in Pocket Trains.

Award Description Prize Notes
Tiny Tycoon Operate 4 railroads    
Train Empire Operate 8 railroads    
Steel Titan Operate 12 railroads    
Iron Fleet Operate 16 railroads    
Operation Europe Service 13 cities in Europe    
Operation Africa Service 7 cities in Africa    
Operation North America Service 15 cities in North America    
Operation Asia Service 18 cities in Asia    
Operation South America Service 7 cities in South America    
Operation Oceania Service 6 cities in Oceania    
Monopoly Europe Service 26 cities in Europe 20 bux and 1 special crate  
Monopoly Africa Service 15 cities in Africa    
Monopoly North America Service 32 cities in North America    
Monopoly Asia Service 37 cities in Asia    
Monopoly South America Service 14 cities in South America    
Monopoly Oceania Service 12 cities in Oceania    
Fully Licensed Obtain all 6 regional licenses    
Starting Event Complete 1 event    
Current Event Complete 10 events    
Main Event Complete 100 events    
Steamer Set Collect all 4 unique steamer engines 20 bux and 1 special crate The required engines are the Bluebell Steamer, the Cherry Steamer, the Emerald Steamer and the Vanilla Steamer.
Express Set Collect all 4 unique express engines 20 bux and 1 special crate  
Standard Set Collect all 4 unique standard engines    
Zephyr Set Collect all 4 unique zephyr engines    
Freighter Set Collect all 4 unique freighter engines    

For the engine set awards, you only need to craft the engines, and don't need to put them into service.

For the Monopoly and Operation awards, "service" only requires you to build the tracks, not claim them, or visit the cities.

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