Cyber Monster II Guide: How to Raise Your Combat Ability

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KeyWord: Cyber Monster II Guide: How to Raise Your Combat Ability

This guide is about how to raise your combat ability in Cyber Monster II. First of all, you can locate your " Combat Ability " in your character's personal interface. Its at the lower right side of your interface. Here's a picture to help you out.

Cyber Monster II Screenshot

Combat Ability also known as your character's strength, can be increased in many ways. One of the first few things you can do to increase your " Combat Ability " is to upgrade your gears. Here's a picture to help you in-case you don't understand simple English ( Seriously, just in-case).

Cyber Monster II Screenshot

Cyber Monster II Screenshot

You can also further increase your " Combat Ability " by attaching " soul weapons " which you can get by either dismantling unnecessary items that you don't need or by using gold instead.As you can see on the photo above, there are percentages on the right side of the item that you wish to dismantle. The bars represents the chances of you getting a certain colored " weapon soul ". As you have noticed the bars have certain colors, Gold being the best colored " weapon soul " and Green being the lowest. There are also certain types of methods you can use to get higher chances of gold colored " weapons souls ". Like for example : You looted a lvl 60 mage staff from the mobs and since your a warrior, you can't use it. Therefore instead of selling it for a measly amount of gold, you can dismantle it instead. Look at the photo above again, as you can see, the gear/item that I placed inside the dismantling box has a gold glow ( meaning it was upgraded to +20 ). Getting the item you wish to dismantle to +20 increases the chances of you getting a gold " weapon soul " though in the process you will have to use crystals. " Crystal Dismantle " or " Royal Dismantle " are the ones you wanna use if your planning to get a gold "weapon soul " although using " Royal Dismantle " would be a better choice since it further increases your chances of getting one.

The level of the gear/item that you want to dismantle matters too, since the higher it is the higher the chances of you getting a better " soul weapon ". Although I'd rather recommend that you use 60-70+ gears since they don't need that much elements to upgrade and the chances are not that much different to 70+ gears/items.

You can also enhance your gears to increase your " Combat Ability ". "Enhancing" also has 3 options.

Element Enhance = This option can enhance your gear normally.
Crystal Enhance = This option can enhance your gear better.
Double Crystal Enhance = While this option has the can let you enhance your gears to the fullest.

Even leveling your character increases your " Combat Ability " since you gain a fixed rate increase of your stats each time you level.