FIFA 14 Guide: How to Get More Rare, Silver & Gold Cards

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Gold cards are the best cards in FIFA 14. Team of the Week cards are shiny version of bronze, silver, and gold, which are the best of their respective class of cards. Read on to find out how to get more silver and gold and rare cards!

The main way to get more of these cards is to buy silver and gold card packs in the store. Each one will come with a specified amount of gold cards of a certain type (players, contracts, fitness or training cards), and a specific amount of rare (shiny) cards. The more rare cards a pack has, the more it will cost. These packs can be bought with either coins or FIFA Points.

Getting more specific, you can spend coins in the transfer area for one card at a time. The more you pay, the more likely you are to find rare cards and high-rating cards, but in general, you can build your team much more quickly by specifying gold and silver player cards, as well as rare player cards. You can either bid on cards to save coins, or use buy it now to get instant gratification.

Check out all of the various accomplishments and goals in the Ultimate Team mode. Most of them pay coins, but many of them will pay you with silver and gold card packs. Complete these and claim your free card packs.