Jewel Mania: Halloween for Gold, Energy Cheats

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a. Earn as many coins cash as you can

Jewel Mania: Halloween assigns you to match various type of gems on the screen. You will be objected to match those gems in the same colors so that they will explode while coming to rare combos that you can use to rack up coins.

Moreover, you will just need to swipe adjacent gems together to create minimum match-three combos, or create bigger match-ups if you wish to unlock explosive bombs that wipe out gems of a particular color, or diamond-tipped chisels that wipe out entire rows or columns.

In order to make rare combos, all you have to do is create lines of four or more so that it will come to some seriously explosive gems which change the board dramatically when being used in a match-up. As a result, you can get multiple match that will make some coins to earn.

b. Earn more energy to play more in every stage

When playing in each level, you will need one of your precious energy resources. Therefore, you must get that energy back by completing the level at a two-star rating or higher.

Remember running out of energy will get you either to wait for it to regenerate, or to top it up in iap store in which it will need cash. In line with this, you have to make sure you have no distractions away from the game.

c. Create boosters and combos by matching those gems

Plying in some levels will come to scoring big and scoring fast. According to this, you must quickly make every match of four or higher as fast as possible for more points and powerful boosters that can set off devastating combos when detonated.

To match four gems, just pay attention to the last chain reaction when it is playing out then keep making match-threes of them.

Furthermore, having those boosters will help you beat glass levels in this game. The first thing to realize is that there are two different types of glass tiles in the game – those that When going for glass level, some glass will require a single match-up to clear, and some require two.

Thus, try to aim to make matches of four, so that you can unleash a mighty vertical or horizontal clearance that removes both types. Besides, make sure to focus on the match-ups covering the most amount of glass only.

In addition, you can beat walled levels by clearing the gem adjacent to each part of the wall. So just concentrate on generating those special gems that clear an entire row or column in one slick match as you only have a limited number of moves to clear everything out on the screen.

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