Gunner Z Top 5 Cheats & Tips

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Use these top 5 tips/tricks/cheats to excel against the disgusting zombies that seek to overrun your ride in Gunner Z.

Gunner Z Top 5  Cheats & Tips

1. Upgrade The Zoom and Stability Features First

The two upgrades you'll need to spend some time on first are the zoom and stability perks. Upgrading your zoom makes it a lot easier to target and kill zombies that are much farther away from your ride. As for the stability perk, throwing some upgrade points into this helps keep your gun aiming stable as you try to maintain your aim. When you get your zoom and stability to the right level, give some TLC to your truck's armor, firing rate etc.

Gunner Z Top 5  Cheats & Tips

2. Spray and Pray Doesn't Work; Careful Aiming Always Prevails

Whenever you spray and pray those rabid zombies, your aiming definitely not as tight as it should be. It's a much better method to just take careful aim and take potshots. Firing bursts will put down zombies much faster than just shooting all wildly and hoping for the best.

Gunner Z Top 5  Cheats & Tips

3. What's The Right Approach to Using the Turret Gun and Rocket Launcher?

The turret machine gun is perfectly capable against all those zombies that will linger around your truck. Dropping the undead with potshots from your machine gun is a viable method, but everything changes once you come across larger enemies. Whenever you encounter any larger enemies (rival gunners, for instance), your rocket launcher will become your best friend. Finishing off larger groups of zombies with your rocket launcher works too, but use your rockets sparingly for the bigger situations.

Gunner Z Top 5  Cheats & Tips

4. Down Those Zombies That Swamp Your Vehicle ASAP

The zombies you'll always need to get rid of first are the ones that are much closer to your vehicle. Focus on getting those zombies off of your ride, even if your armor is strong enough or not. These zombies take priority over the ones who are making their way over to you. Spraying and praying may just work here...

5. Know Where to Shoot Those Zombies

Where you shoot a zombie determines how many hits it will take to kill them. A headshot or a chest shot is a sure way to kill them instantly. If you shoot them in the legs or somewhere in their lower body in general, they will often come back and crawl around with their hands, which can allow them to sneak under your sight and do damage to you and your vehicle from below.