Gunner Z Guide: How to Get More Free Trucks & Guns

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You are a one man army in Gunner Z, and your enemy is a seemingly endless horde of zombies and a bunch of rogue soldiers who, for some reason, want to see the zombies be as successful as possible. You start off with one Humvee, but you can get plenty more vehicles as you go on in the game. Gunwise, you begin the game with the 50 Cal and the AT-4 Rocket Launcher, but you can get even more weapons.

Early on in the game, you won’t be able to get more weapons, but you will be able to upgrade both the 50 Cal and the rocket launcher. You can upgrade the damage and ammo capacity of both, as well as the blast radius for the rocket launcher, and the firing rate and accuracy for the 50 Cal. Even with these starter weapons you can still do some serious damage.

As you progress forth through missions you’ll start unlocking new weapons in the stores, which can then be purchased using ZMoney. The riot gun is your first unlockable primary weapon, and it’s essentially a giant shotgun. The Minigun is a machine gun that can best be described as a far more powerful, more accurate and quicker-firing version of the 50 Cal. The smart gun is a machine gun that will aim at targets automatically, meaning that all you have to do to aim is to have the target on screen.

More secondary weapons can be unlocked the same way, by completing missions. The FFAR Pod is a rapid firing small-rocket gun. The grenade launcher fires grenades that take awhile to hit the target, but create a huge blast once they do. The mortar is a more powerful version of the rocket launcher. The cannon fires a long bolt of energy that has no blast radius but is insanely effective against bosses and tough vehicles.