Cyber Monster II Guide: Equipment Optimization

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As you might have noticed in Cyber Monster II, each class have different stat values on their equipments i.e. Warrior equipments have high HP and DEF but low SPD and AVD. This guide will help you choose which stats and equipments you want to improve over the others. Equipment-wise, here are the stat comparisons for each class:

HP & DEF - Warrior (DEF boost from Weapon) > Priest (HP boost from Weapon) = Ranger = Mage
ATK - Priest > Mage > Ranger = Warrior
CRT - Ranger (Boost from Weapon) > Mage = Priest = Warrior
AVD - Ranger > Priest > Mage > Warrior
SPD - Ranger > Mage (Boost from Weapon) > Priest > Warrior

HP & Defense (DEF)

Equipment Potential:
HP: Necklace > Armor > Weapon (Priest) > Helmet > Belt
DEF: Armor > Helmet > Weapon (Warrior) > Belt > Cloak

Determine how much damage you can take and resistance against attacks. The core stats of Warrior. High HP and DEF often make them almost invincible especially during PvP. Get it as high as you can to increase your survivability in battles if you don't have high AVD.Use Thorn Pig mount (100 crystals/3 days) for extra 20% DEF and Azure Dragon mount (150 coupons/3 days) for extra 20% HP.

Attack (ATK)

Equipment Potential: Weapon > Gloves > Necklace = Ring

Determine the damage you deal and healing capabilities. Oddly, Priests have the better attack potential compared to Mages. Get it as high as you can because your character can deal more damage compared to pets in general, especially early on before you can gain access to powerful pets. Use Swift Flying Dragon mount (200 coupons/3 days) for extra 20% ATK.

Critical (CRT)

Equipment Potential: Weapon (Ranger) > Gloves (Ranger) > Earrings > Gloves (Other Classes)

Doubles your attack damage. Deals tremendous damage when coupled with Armor Break. All classes benefit from this stat. You might want to get Critical as Weapon souls instead of Attack if you're a Ranger to increase your high critical chance even further. Use Fury Tiger mount (200 crystals/3 days) for extra 20% CRT.

Avoid (AVD)

Equipment Potential: Boots > Cloak > Earrings

The luck based stat; you can still avoid if it's low and can still get hit even if it's high. Still, a good stat to have if you're not a Warrior as other classes are generally more fragile; it's better to dodge Bosses and coliseum mobs since they hit real hard. Also important for Bahamut/mine raiding to get more attack chances. Doom Warhorse might boost AVD by 20%, while Fury Warhorse might boost SPR, can't really tell because of the text limit. Anyone who have used these horses can tell which stats they boost?

Speed (SPD)

Equipment Potential: Boots > Weapon (Mage) > Ring

While many people think speed is not as important as other stats, it can define the outcome of battles. Mages/Rangers with high speed can kill opponents before they can use their skills, Priests with high speed can heal in a pinch before opponents use skills, Warriors with low speed can accumulate SPR/Fury and can practically use their skills each turn. High speed characters can also attack before the Sacred Beasts guarding mines can one-shot you because many of them have high speed. You might want to consider getting a few SPD Weapon Soul on your equipments if you're not a Warrior. Use Swift Tiger mount (150 crystals/3 days) for 30% extra SPD.


Increase base equipment stats using an increasing amount of Element. The stats increment is rather constant for every upgrade. Equipments can be upgraded up to 20 times. Equipments bought from stores start at level 0 before any upgrade. Drops from mobs, however, may have been upgraded for some levels when you receive them. Every level up will increase the amount of Element needed to upgrade. Here is the formula of total Element needed for maximum upgrade to level 20, starting from level 1:

Element Needed for Maximum Upgrade = Cost Element*19 + Element Increment*171

In case you're wondering, 171 comes from 18+17+16...+1. The formula starts from level 1 because you can't tell how much the Element Increment is unless you upgrade the equipment once. You can change it accordingly if the starting upgrade level is not 1.

For example, a level 73 belt need 160 Element for its first upgrade. After first upgrade, it needs 310 Element, so the Element Increment is 150. The amount of Element needed for it to reach level 20 is 310*19 + 150*171 = 31,540 Element.

So try to collect the amount of Element needed before you're going to upgrade an equipment to level 20.


Boost equipment stats using a fixed amount of Element/Crystal. The boost you get for every enhancement increases until you're about to hit the stat caps, then it can either increase or decrease. You can choose whether you want to save the new enhancement or not, so even if it decreases after enhancement, you can still keep the stats boost before your attempt to enhance.

You should enhance all your equipments until you reach the cap of Element Enhance as it is far cheaper compared to Upgrade. You might want to spend more though if you want both stats of an equipment to reach their cap. Upgrade your equipment to level 20 before enhancing because the stat caps increase every 5 levels. After that, you can enhance using crystals for further boosts. Here are some equipments you want to enhance using crystals:

- Warrior: Weapon and all equipments with HP and DEF, especially Armor
- Mage: Weapon, Armor (Secondary: Gloves, Rings)
- Priest: Weapon, Armor (Secondary: Gloves, Rings)
- Ranger: Weapon, Armor, Boots (Secondary: Gloves, Rings, Earrings)

Most equipments can only get minimum boost from crystal enhancements except Weapons, Armors, and special equipments like wedding rings, SPR equipments, equipments from Treasure Sail, etc. since they have significantly higher stats compared to normal equipments. While Double Crystal Enhance doubles the stat caps of Element Enhance, it's quite pricey for a rather small stats increase equipments other than the ones listed above. Feel free to do it though if you have the crystals.

Also, don't waste crystals on Crystal/Double Crystal Enhance on equipments lower than level 60 and try to save as much Element as you can by switching gears every 20 levels instead of every 10 levels i.e. you're currently using level 40 Weapon, wait until you get level 60 Weapon before you switch your Weapon. Only use Crystal Dismantle on level 50+ equipments to get a noteworthy amount of Element back for your future Upgrade/Enhance (around 6-8k Element for 50 crystals).


Attach Weapon Soul extracted from equipment for an extra stat. You can only attach Weapon Soul to an equipment with the same stat as the Weapon Soul. Try to get at least Weapon Soul Shard (Blue) at level 4 on all your gears and slowly replace them with Crystal (Purple)/Essence (Gold) Weapon Souls. Get Purple Weapon Soul from Normal Dismantling of level 60+ equipments if you want to save crystals. Only use Royal Dismantle on level 60+ equipments with upgrade level of 20. Even so, there's still a chance to get Shard using Royal Dismantle so proceed with caution and be patient if you get Shard.

To level up Weapon Soul, drag one soul you don't need to another soul you want to level up. Use Gold Dismantle rather than buying equipments from shop as it is cheaper for a 50/50 chance of getting Dust/Shard. Also, there's a very small chance of getting Soul Dust (500 EXP worth) and Soul Shard (1000 EXP worth), which you can't get from Normal/Crystal/Royal Dismantle of equipments. If you have a lot of crystals, you can even try using Crystal/Royal Dismantle on Gold Dismantle for a chance to get Soul Crystal (4000 EXP worth) and Soul Essence (10,000 EXP, perhaps? Anyone ever get it?).

Soul Recommendation

Warrior: HP, DEF, ATK, CRT
HP and DEF to absorb damage, ATK and CRT for damage dealing.

AVD for survivability, ATK and CRT for huge damage from normal attacks and skills, SPD for first turn Arcane Windstorm/Hurricane especially Hurricane to deplete SPR/Fury before opponents can use skills.

Priest: HP, ATK, AVD, SPD
HP and AVD for survivability, ATK for base damage and healing, SPD to get first turn healing.

Ranger: DEF, ATK, CRT, AVD
AVD and DEF for survivability, ATK and CRT for damage dealing.