Pocket Trains Guide: Tracks (Railroads)

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Tracks, or Railroads, are marked paths in your map through which your Trains travel. Only 2 tracks are available for free by default at the beginning of the game. The rest of the tracks (considering a single track goes from one station to another, you never buy more than one in a single purchase), need to be bought.


The first method is to use that railroad for a train formation that is already deployed. The only thing you need to do in that case is to load cargo that needs to be delivered to the new station you unlocked when you bought the railroad (of course, make sure that the train formation current track path is directly connected to the new track to be able to claim it). The second method is by using a new formtion stationed in your backyard. Go to menu >> trains and select a train that is already built and waiting to be deployed, after selecting the train, tap on the new track section and the train will become active and start travelling through that track. Use the first method to add more tracks to that same formation

  • Buying a track is only the first step, the next and final step to make a track usable is to claim it. There are two ways of claiming a track;
  • You can change the color of the track you see in the map to make it easier for you to tell which train is using a certain travel path. In order to do so, wait for the train to arrive at a station, then tap on that station and tap on train and then modify the railroad color
  • Only a single train can use a track section at any given time, but of course, multiple trains can arrive at the same station.
  • How do you buy a new track section?. Easy, simply tap on a greyed out track section in the map (if you tap the greyed out city, it won’t work). The longer the railroad section, the more expensive it gets. Once you buy it, the track color will turn white (still need to be claimed)
  • How do you move your trains to a different section, region or track?. By shutting down the train formation. Wait for the train to arrive at a station, the tap on Train, then tap on shut down. Remember, you will have to repurchase the track if you do this, but there’s no other way if you want to MOVE a specific train.
  • How to sell a track section. Wait for a track to be alone and then tap on it, the menu will tell you if you want to sell it