Pockie Pirates Guide: Badge 101

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I would like to share you with malaanar's Badge 101 in Pockie Pirates, which should cover some of the basic questions. Let's start right away.

1. What is a Badge?

A Badge is an additional improvement for your crews. Every crew member can use up to two Badges. To use them, you have a new button called "Badge" once you open up your Backpack

2. How to obtain them?

Currently, I know of 3 options to get them.

buy them with 2000 Honor from the Honor Shop (Badge Bag C, which offers 1 Badge)
buy them for 100 Diamonds from the Diamond Mall (Badge Bag B, which offers 1 Badge - offers more different Badges)
buy them for 200 Diamonds from the Diamond Mall (Badge Bag A, which offers 1 Badge - offers even more different Badges)

Pockie Pirates Badge

3. How to use them?

Once you you use the "Badge" button from step 1, you will see a window like this:

Pockie Pirates Badge

On the left side, you can see your crews. The middle shows 2 slots for the Badges and the right side shows what badges you have.

4. So, what do they do now?

Basically, they give additional stats depending on the rank of the Badge.

Badges are available at Level C, and can be upgraded to B, A, S and SS ranks. One single C Badge will give
you stats like + 10 strength/Agility, or 200 Speed (I don't know the stats for each Badge - this is just to give you an idea)

From there, you can upgrade the badges with the Sea l-stones you can obtain from Enies Lobbie and the Arena.

The upgrades:

1.) (C -> B)   will cost you 1 million silver< and  20 Seal stones.
2.) (B -> A)   will cost you 2 million silver and  40 Seal stones.
3.) (A -> S)   will cost you 3 million silver and  80 Seal stones.
4.) (S -> SS) will cost you 4 million silver and 160 seal stones.

With every single upgrade, the ammount of the bonus-stat increases, and the badge will get an additional bonus-stat from each upgrade aswell.

Here are some of malaanar's current badges (forgive me for not having a single one of each)

Pockie Pirates Badge

As you can see, they increase in power substantially (1817 speed from that S Badge?

5. Refine them? WTH?

Oke, this is the last option malaanar need to tackle.

So, refining a Badge means to change the extra-stats you get from upgrading your Badges. Obviously, it costs GOLD.

The prices:

- refining a B level Badge will cost 20 Gold per Refining
- refining a A level Badge will cost 40 Gold per Refining
- refining a S level Badge will cost 60 Gold per Refining
- refining a SS level Badge will cost 80 Gold per Refining

Refining will refine the extra stats into other stats and other ammounts. The same stat can occur more than once on the same badge (you remember my double Dodge Badge?).

It looks like this:

Pockie Pirates Badge

Pockie Pirates Badge

As you can see, it changes the stats. If you want to keep a certain stat, use the lock to keep the stat of choice in place.

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