Batman: Arkham Origins Top 10 Tips & Cheats

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Batman: Arkham Origins is the third game in the Arkham series, and features villains such as Copperhead, Deadshot, Bane, The Joker and Deathstroke. Read on for the top ten tips and tricks in the game.

10) Save your upgrade points for the best batsuit that you have available to you.

Immediately after beginning the game, you can get the Long Halloween batsuit, and as you beat the bosses of each area, you can unlock even more batsuits which are far more powerful and can turn the tide of battle. Save your upgrade points for batsuits so that you can make short work of the hardest stages available to you.

9) Go back into old areas to load up on upgrade points with easy missions.

After you beat the bosses for Uptown Gotham and the Docks (and the others), you will still be able to play missions in every one of those stages, and they will earn you more and more upgrade points, while never changing in difficulty level. So if you are stuck and you need to rack up the upgrades in order to get past the harder stages, farm the old stages for quick upgrade points.

8) Watch out for the supervillains’ special attacks.

Every supervillain has a specific special attack that can be blocked with some combination of button pushing. For example, Deadshot’s bullets can be blocked by tapping on the blue circles that pop up, while Copperhead’s attack can be blocked by pushing the two blue circles, then swiping rapidly in the indicated direction until you break her grip.

7) A good defense is just as important as a good offense.

Upgrade both your assault stance and your guarded stance, because you will need to make effective use of both of them in order to beat tougher battles. Switch back and forth. Rattle off a combo attack in assault stance, then switch to guarded stance and block whatever attacks are coming your way, then switch back.

6) Power up attacks such as Steadfast Strike and Escalating Justice by using multiple fingers.

Many attacks will require quick swiping or quick tapping. Use multiple fingers (for example, alternate your index fingers) to tap on the blue circle rapidly for Steadfast Strike, or swipe to the side rapidly for Escalating Justice). The faster you swipe, the more you increase the bonus damage.