Deer Hunter 2014 Shotgun Guide

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Here's the look at all of the shotguns available in Deer Hunter 2014, and which ones are most likely to save your skin.

Grantham Swordfish

  • Cost: Free
  • Unlocks: Region 1


Your bog-standard shotgun will certainly get the job down in the face of up-close opposition, but that reload time? Let's just say you better not miss.

Westin Warhawk

  • Cost: 55 Gold
  • Unlocks: Region 1


Two words: too expensive. Yes, it has improved stats on the default shotgun, but you're much better off grinding out a little game cash to get the next weapon in line.

Clayton Raptor

  • Cost: 50 Gold / $2,500
  • Unlocks: Region 2


Now we're talking an achieveable and worthwhile upgrade. The reload time is still far too long for our liking, but if you have a steady aim then the raw power of the Clayton Raptor will save your skin just about every time.

Grantham Model 1100

  • Cost: 96 Gold
  • Unlocks: Region 2


As a general all-rounder, the Model 1100 delivers in just about every area, although note that you're going to need to spend some cash in the app store to get hold of those gold bars. A pity.

Maginot Marauder

  • Cost: 75 Gold / $6,695
  • Unlocks: Region 3


If you can stomach the grind of a little game cash, then the Marauder makes for an excellent alternative upgrade to the Model 1100.

Grantham Ticonderoga

  • Cost: 138 Gold
  • Unlocks: Region 3


Or you can pretty much just double up on raw, terrifying power with he Ticonderoga. Powerful, stable, and with a fast reload, the only thing not to like about this weapon is the price.

Maginot Maul

  • Cost: $14,420
  • Unlocks: Region 4


If you're swimming in game cash, then the Maginot Maul makes for a seriously impressive upgrade, thanks to its brutal shot-power and rock-solid stability. Doesn't hurt at all that it looks bad-ass either.

G&H Cobra

  • Cost: 179 Gold
  • Unlocks: Region 4


Every category of weapons has its stand-out champ and the shotgun section is no exception. The G&H Cobra is the one true shotgun, but you will need some of that premium gold currency to get your hands on it.