Legacy of Discord Story and Origins

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Omen of Darkness

In a time long forgotten, a massive meteorite fell from the skies and brought calamity to the world of Aurora. While the meteorite’s impact caused untold destruction, a far more sinister power had broken free.

Within the meteorite was an artifact called the Dark Crystal. Free from it’s prison, this vile power began absorbing the “Light” on Aurora. As darkness swept over the land, the Crystal of Light became weaker and weaker.

The Dark Crystal: The origin of dark energy that has spread darkness throughout Aurora. A mysterious crimson substance swirls about inside the Dark Crystal, almost as if it was alive. This substance seems to be the source of the endless dark energy that emanates from the Crystal, but its origins are completely unknown.

The Crystal of Light: An artifact that predates everything on Aurora. Containing the power of the Sun, the Crystal of Light brings light and warmth to the world. All life on Aurora originated from the Crystal of Light.

Thousands of years after the Dark Crystal arrived on Aurora.

Over time, the dark energy emanating from the Dark Crystal slowly corrupted the minds and forms of any being that it came in contact with. The most severely affected beings were twisted into what is now know as Demons. When the demons discovered the Dark Crystal was the source of their power, they flocked to it. Sensing that “Light” was the only power capable of suppressing dark energy, they built a giant barrier around the Dark Crystal to let it feed on the Light.

Battle of Celestial City
Ten Years after Darkfall

The Archdemon Argus personally led an all-out attack on Celestial City to destroy the Crystal of Light. The three Elemental Elders led the Guardians in defense of the city. After a bitter struggle, the Elders ultimately made the choice to use forbidden magic to seal the Archdemon and themselves beneath the Crystal of Light. Without their master, the demons retreated in disarray. However the demons have begun massing their forces for a final confrontation...

The unfortunate beings of Aurora that have been completely twisted by dark energy into vile and hideous creatures. They guard the Dark Crystal, the source of their dark powers, and naturally fear the Light.

The Five Elements
The demonic barrier that was contructed around the Dark Crystal allowed it to endlessly absorb the energy from the Crystal of Light. As the Light was devoured by the Dark Crystal, mysterious elemental energies were born and spread throughout Aurora: Fire, Ice, Electric, and Poison. Both light and dark beings were able to absorbed these energies, but humans had a natural affinity towards the former three while demons were more commonly associated with poison.



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