BBGsite Weekly Wrap-up: Mar. 18 to Mar. 24

Hi, guys, did you have a sweet weekend? It's Monday today, another brand new week has come. As usual, I will take you look back on all the new/funny things during last week. Do you still remember all the interesting news duringl last week? It doesn't matter if you forgot some of them, just follow me and check this BBG weekly wrap-up!

Regret to Pay for the Game?

As we know, you have to spend lots of money and time in the game to become a powerful player. Game is for fun, but do you feel pleasant after paying for it?

Many players must have deep feeling about the sentence "Impulse is devil". All kinds of promotion, glittering top gears, and various events in the game make you impetuous beyond yourself. But most players regret after accessing to the premium service. Can you tell me the reason?

Regret to Pay for the Game?


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