BBGsite Weekly Wrap-up: Aug. 26 to Sep. 1

As time goes by, another brand new week has come to us. No matter if you had a nice weekend or not, it's time to start our work now. As usual, my current work is taking you back to last week and see those new/funny things brought forth on BBGsite during last week. It's Weekly Wrap-up time, are you ready now?

Top 10 Most Dangerous Places in Games

It's common to adventure in some dangerous place in games. Though these places are terrible in real life, they can make us excited while playing games. Last week we have introduced some dangerous places in video games to you. Do you still remember them?

1. Khorinis in Gothic

As part of the Khorinis city, this valley is just like a prison, and all the prisoners here can move freely.

Khorinis in Gothic

2. Dunwall in Dishonored

All the people in Dunwall is reeling from the shadow of the rat disaster. Meanwhile, the poverty and political tension are spreading in this city.

Dunwall in Dishonored

3. Arkham City in Batman

No one would like to enter this city, unless you're the Batman and have lots of awesome weapons to defeat the invaders.

Arkham City in Batman