BBGsite Weekly Wrap-up: July 1 to July 7

New week, new mood. Nice to see you again in this weekly wrap-up. As usual, we will take you look back and see how many new/funny things have been brought forth on BBGsite during last week. Are you ready now? Here we go:

New 3D Web Game Lost Gate Launched on Yeepgame

Last week announced that Lost Gate – Chaos Portals, an exclusively brand new 3D webgame, opened its S1: Origin at 18:30pm pdt on 3rd July.

Lost Gate – Chaos Portals is a browser based (or mini-client based) RPG which uses the latest 3D technology and truly achieve the dream – 3D on web. You are the only survival after a blood combat, but lost all the powers. You need to regain your powers, enchant gears to conquer the lost realm. Minions, mounts and formations will make the battle more different. The back story of the game is not only moving, but also shock. PVP system, team combat, solo and team instances, guild war, costumes will also enrich the game content.


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