BBGsite Weekly Wrap-up: July 8 to July 14

Time is a thief, stole away all the happiness in our sweet weekend. Another Monday has come, it's time to face all the works in this new week. As usual, my current work is taking you look back on all the new/funny things brought forth on BBGsite during last week. Are you ready now? It's Weekly Wrap-up Time!

Games PK: Tales of Solaris VS Divines of the East

Recently there're few new games bursting into game market, and two games from NGames have somehow caught my eyes. Tales of Solaris and Divines of the East. Both of them are cute and attracted so many players during beta phase. And last week, we made a competiton of these 2 games to see which one is better. How many difference between them are you able to tell? Which one of them do you like better?

Tales of Solaris VS Divines of the East


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