BBGsite Weekly Wrap-up: June 17 to June 23

Hello guys, another new week has come. Are you ready to start all the works in this new week now? Before starting your work, just take a rest first. Here comes again our Weekly Wrap-up. Do you still remember all the interesting news during last week? Just check below!

Divines of the East Closed Beta Arrives

NGames, a leading online games publisher and operator of the online games portal, is proud to announce the launch of the Closed Beta phase for Divines of the East, an anticipated brand new free-to-play side-scrolling RPG with unique hand-drawn graphics inspired by ancient Asian mythology.

Divines of the East is an upcoming free-to-play side-scrolling RPG 2D browser game that throws players into an ancient world brought to life with gorgeous, painstakingly hand-drawn graphics inspired by ancient Asian mythology. Strange and powerful creatures, Eastern-themed locations, and an exciting storyline are all awaiting players in Divines of the East; an RPG set to offer gamers a thrilling and truly unique taste of the Orient.

Divines of the East Screenshot


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