BBGsite Weekly Wrap-up: June 24 to June 30

Hello, everyone, it's Monday today. Another brand new week has come. Are you ready for all the works in this week? Any way, let's take a rest now and look back on all the new/funny things during last week. Do you still remember all the interesting news duringl last week? It doesn't matter if you forgot some of them, just follow me and check this BBG weekly wrap-up!

How do You Think About the Chinese Games?

At first I'd like to introduce a video I watched last week to you. In this video a gamer named James keep abusing Chinese games are nothing but a waste of money and time. This video has been watched for more than 600 thousand times. And it's worth mentioning that most of the comments in this video are abusing the Chinese games, even some Chinese core gamers are agree with him, too. How do you think about it?


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