The Most Laborious Occupation in the Game Industry

Today let's sit down to talk about which the most laborious occupation is in the game industry. After all, the game industry is involved with information technology industry, entertainment industry and service industry.

1. Customer Service

Customer Service

Customer Service are a team facing to players directly. They not only have to be familiar with their business and take regular tests to enhance their vocational skills, but should have remarkable mental resilience to deal with different players. It is not rare that they are disturbed by players on purpose.

More terribly, Customer Service don't get what they deserve to. They work hardest, normally providing service all day and night, but they don't be paid well.

If you are a player, please understand the difficulty of Customer Service and cooperate with them. If you are a game developer, please attach enough importance to them. It is a good thing to say “Happy Labor Day” to Customer Service on May 1st.

2. Game Testers

Game Testers

In many game companies, the post of game testers is held by experienced game planners, artists and programmers.

Being a game tester may be a dreamy job for lots of players. Because game testers can go anywhere they want in the tested game and have awesome equipment and attributes by just inputting several simple commands. They play the game all day and earn money at the same time. How nice the job sounds.

Nevertheless, in a test version, there are no other players. Game testers have to go through the game alone, without any friends beside. They play the game with the aim of finding out bugs, which drives them to exhaustion. Unfortunately, if they miss a bug that is discovered by wise players, their company will suffer great losses and they may even lose their job.

Game testers work overtime the most frequently, whenever a new version, event or patch is going to launch or a third-party program occurs, they have to work to next morning until everything is solved. So imagine how tired game testers are.

3. Game Programmers

Game Programmers

At the mention of programming, you must think of mathematical operations instantly. Doubtlessly, programming is a brain-consuming thing. Rumor has it that 10 people die from overwork and 9 out of 10 are programmers.

It is said that a game company once held a family reunion event. All programmers' family members were invited to visit the company and meet their husbands. Because when programmers' wives were asleep, they were working overtime, when they got home, wives almost got up. They had no time to stay with their wives and children. In their children's eyes, they looked like strangers.

So don't envy programmers, although they earn a hefty salary, they sacrifice their health and energy.

4. Game Operators

Game Operators

Have you ever been flabbergasted at certain game campaigns, such as spokesmodel ads, pornographic ads and various in-game events? They are the fruits of game operators' labor.

Game operators have endless meetings every day and perform careful promotional activities based on exiguous budget and high profit target. They usually feel extremely tired after work. Numerous players even complain about their promotional activities when they are sleeping.

No matter how hard they work, they cannot satisfy all people, which is the most wearing.

5. Game Planners

Game Planners

As for many bosses, excellent game planners are the scarcest talents.

Currently, the market is swamped with low-quality online games, which has a close bearing on game planners. Indeed, they want to produce a good game, but they have no choice, for their bosses pursue fast paybacks.

Normally, they have to delete diversified good ideas as a result of engine restrictions, profit goal and market demand. In the meantime, to bring forward creative thoughts, they need to play other games, read literary works and watch movies after work. Such activities are originally entertaining, but game planners cannot enjoy them, because they must think while doing.

6. Bosses


The boss of a game company is at the top of the whole company, but it also has unknown difficulties.

Quite a lot of game industry employees hope to start their own business, but they have never thought how hard to lead a team. Just take small and medium-sized companies for example, if they cannot make profits or be listed on the market, they have to downsize staff and reduce costs. What is worse, bad management may lead to the company's closedown.

Due to cut-throat competition, big companies dare not ease their mind at any time, otherwise, they will be likely to show a deficit.

Therefore, a boss must have good mental qualities to face all situations.

Certainly, there are other posts in a game company, like game artists, administrative staff, overseas marketing department, etc. If you or your friends are engaged in the game industry, or you are just a curious player, don't hesitate to join our discussion!