Those Bosses You Can Never Kill

Almost in every game, there is a final boss for you to kill. Killing boss is really splendid, but what if you met a boss that could never be killed? No matter how hard you tried to destroy him, he appeared after a period and laughed "I'm resurrected". And then you could do nothing but to fight with him again and again…Today let's talk about those bosses who can never be killed. How many of them did you ever try to kill?

1. Sephiroth from Final Fantasy

Sephiroth from Final Fantasy

2. Diablo from Diablo

Diablo from Diablo

3. Dracula from Castlevania

Dracula  from Castlevania

4. Team Rocket from Pokémon

Team Rocket from Pokémon

5. Onikage from Tenchu

Onikage from Tenchu

6. Bowser from Super Mario

Bowser  from Super Mario

7. Eggman from Sonic the Hedgehog

Eggman from Sonic the Hedgehog