Top 10 Male Cooks in Animes

Everyone loves delicious foods, so do I. Not only in real life, but also in animes we can see many amazing foods with great look and taste. Recently some anime fans made an online poll of the top 10 most popular male cooks in animes. Is your favorite cook in this list? Just check below:

10. Komatu from Toriko


9. Ajiyoshi Youichi from Mister Ajikko

Ajiyoshi Youichi

8. Kazuma Azuma from Yakitate Japan

Kazuma Azuma

7. Kagami Taiga from The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays

Kagami Taiga

6. Shiro Yamaoka from Oishinbo

Shiro Yamaoka

5. Jam's Uncle from Anpanman

Jam's Uncle

4. Kodaka Hasegawa from Haganai

Kodaka Hasegawa

3. Brock from Pokemon


2. Jun Satou From WORKING!!

Jun Satou

1. Sanji from One Piece


Top 10 Male Cooks in Animes