Top 10 Most Common Jobs in Browser Games

The International Labour Day has gone, and it's time for us to pick up our jobs now. Speak of job, we all know that even in games there are various of jobs for the characters. And today let's talk about which job is the most popular one in browser games.

1. Pirates

For Example: OP Grand Line, Pockie Pirates, Seafight

OP Grand Line

2. Soldier

For Example: Supremacy 1914, UFO Online, Heroes & Generals

Supremacy 1914

3. Ninja

For Example: Pockie Ninja, Pockie Ninja II Original, Ninja Heroes

Pockie Ninja

4. Racer

For Example: Auto Club Revolution, Fast and Furious FIG, F1 Online: The Game

OP Grand Line

5. Warrior

For Example: The Lost Titans, Throne of Myth, Mythic Saga

The Lost Titans

6. Mage

For Example: Wizard101, Broken Realm, Tamer Saga


7. Assassin

For Example: Chrono Tales, Dragon's Call II, Tales of Laputa

Chrono Tales

8. Knight

For Example: Wartune, Crystal Saga, Runescape


9. Merchant

For Example: Business Tycoon Online, Remanum, Seven Seas Saga

Business Tycoon Online

10. Hunter

For Example: Lunaria Story, Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, Serenia Fantasy

Lunaria Story