Top 10 Video Games that are "Very Erotic Very Violent"

Today let's have a discussion about those controversial games which are "very erotic very violent". Of course before we start discussing this topic, please make sure you're more than 18 years old.

OK, now let's start. How do you think those adult games which are erotic or violent? In some countries, those games seem hard to be accepted, and someone even think they will result in criminal acts in real life.

And below are some of these games I selected. Have you ever tried these games? If your answer is yes, then how do you think of them?

1. BioShock

The Patriot Ledger said this game is beyond the limit of the violent games, since the gamers can even kill a little girl.


2. Call of Duty

It doesn't need to say more about this game, since it's always be the model of the "killer games".

Call of Duty

3. Doom

This game is generally recognized as a horror game, since it presents the violent picture perfectly. Some people even think it should be responsible for the violent incidents in Columbia high school.


4. Final Fantasy VII

How can it be a controversial game? The main reason may be Barrat Wallace. As the first black man in Final Fantasy series, his appearance and slang are criticized.

Final Fantasy VII

5. GTA

I'd say, GTA is a quagmire filled with sex, violence, and drug.