Who is the Strongest Game Character in Your Heart?

As a player, there must be one character who is strongest in your heart. Of course, each game has its own hero, but what if one day, all of them have been put together just like the movie "The Avengers"? Today, we have select some strong characters from the famous video games. Which one do you think is strongest? Just come and join the discuss with us.

1. Arthas from World of Warcraft

Millions of players fight with him for 6 years, doesn't it mean he is strong?


2. Iori from KOF

In KOF, there isn't anyone can be his rival except Kyo.


3. Kyo from KOF

He is as strong as Iori, isn't him?


4. Wukong from Dragon Ball

He can destroy the earth in one second.


5. Duke Nukem from Duke Nukem Forever

You're strong? He can shrink you and then step on you like an ant!

Duke Nukem

6. Wolverine from X-Men

Undead, with the skill of self-healing.


7. Max Payne from Max Payne

You must know the power of the bullet time.

Max Payne

8. Prince of Persia from Prince of Persia

If you kill me, I will turn back and let you kill again, again, and again, till you are dead tired.

Prince of Persia

9. Altair from Assassins Creed

He has the most excellent Killing skills, is there anyone can stop him?