Deep Realms Guide: End Game Warrior Build

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A player has a lvl 31 Warrior. Here I will post what he use and why.

3 Skills
start here with warrior skills. at 30, you will use Butcher (25% to hit again). There is no skill that compares to this so you are using this, leaving you 2 skill slots. Now you need to deal damage, or you will not even get past people's armor. You could possibly get +1 or +2 from gear, but I doubt it. So you will probably use Dominator (+2 hand), which is actually your only choice here for warrior hand damage skills. You have one skill left that you actually get a choice for, which probably is going to be either Unbreakable (+2 all armor, 30% magic dodge) or Expert Hand to Hand Skills (+10% hand hit, +2 hand armor). Unbreakable for defense and very good vs magic, or Expert Hand to Hand if you want more +hand hit%. There is also no choice here for hit% because the rest suck. I tend to switch between the 2 depending on what I'm doing, but stick with Unbreakable most of the time.

Unbreakable or Expert Hand to Hand Skills

3 Attacks
Since you are using Butcher, you will need a weapon with no cooldown. Butcher extra hit can proc off of an extra hit, so if you never want to have a round with no attacks available, you need a weapon with no cooldown. You are limited here because those weapons are all bought in the shop and there is no real choice. Just get the best one for your level. However, once you get to 35, you have a Dim Max Punch, which is better than anything you can buy and has no cooldown.
In addition to this, when you use Butcher, the Battle Lust(all the other buffs are magic, sooo you want this one even at 60% hit) buff becomes a must.Battle Lust lasts 5 turns, however extra hits do not count as a turn. Therefore, to take full advantage of your butcher, you want to be using a buff as well.
This leaves you with 1 attack slot of your choice. But at this point, there is probably nothing better than Bear Punch. Overwhelm is very good and its high damage works well with your buff as well. Even though it was just nerfed, there is still nothing as good as it.

Dim Max Punch / Store Bought Hand Weapon
Battle Lust
Bear Punch

Given that you've been following up til here, you have +0-10% hand hit, which is very bad. So you're going to need some of that. There are only 2 pieces of gear that will do this for you, both bought in the store. Combat Gloves (or Paragon Gloves if you have) and Beserker's Bandana for gloves and head will each give you 10%. At this point, you are capped for hit% so get used to it. For the rest of the gear, you are forced to be defensive, and they are all fairly similar, just a matter of what you want to be strong against. But for an even build, I use Warding Tunic (+2 magic/ranged armor, 6HP) and Leather Cuisse (+2 hand armor, 2HP), giving +2 all armor and 8HP. For boots, I just use Marauders (+10% hit dodge) because I lose to assassins all the time, but these last 3 pieces don't really matter.

Combat Gloves / Paragon Gloves
Beserker's Bandana
Warding Tunic
Leather Cuisse

With all this gear, ending bonuses are:
+20% hand hit chance
+2 hand damage
+25% hit again

+8 Health
+4 all armor
10% hand dodge
30% magic dodge

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