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In Forge of Empires you can research various technologies, differing between Eras, they can be as simple as the Wheel, or as complex as Gunpowder. To research new technologies you use Forge Points (FP), and as the Eras advance, so does the number of FPs you need to research newer technologies. The lowest technology you can research at the start is Stilt Houses and Pottery, and the highest is Apartment House, Pest Control and Gunpowder.

In addition to forge points, technologies require Gold, Supplies, and further on through the game, goods, such as lumber and marble to unlock fully. In total, the goods required to research all techologies (to the end of the colonial era) are:

Produced by
Marble 175 Marble Mason
Lumber 175 Lumbermill
Stone 114 Stone Mason
Wine 174 Vineyard
Dye 175 ">Dye Works

Limestone; 251

Ebony; 249

Cloth; 199

Iron; 242

Jewelery; 256

Wine; 174

Granite; 354

Alabaster; 354

Honey; 350

Copper; 353

Gold; 351

Salt; 211

Rope; 234

Dried Herbs; 224

Brick; 200

Glass; 340

Gunpowder; 120

Silk; 190

Brass; 110

Talc Powder; 210

Basalt; 220

Tar; 40

Coffee; 40

Porcelain; 60

Paper; 80

Wire; 80

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