Dragon City Complete Guide: Dinosaur Island

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Dinosaur Island is a minigame available in Dragon City, for PC. You can win Brontosaurus Dragon and T-Rex Dragon by collecting items around your city and by battling dragons in the minigame and PVP. This event is similar to prior collect games like Egypt Mission. This event was first introduced on PC as Dino Island. The Mobile formats are a little bit different than the PC version.



  • Start  3 Feb 2014
  • Duration 7 days
  • End  10 Feb 2014

Rewards: Brontosaurus Dragon & T-Rex Dragon




Battle Map:


Level 4-6 Dragons recommended. Look up the page for your Dragons. Choose one that has an attack at Lv 4 that is critical on your opponent. For more information on how Combat works, please refer to --> Combat and Combat Quick Reference.

NOTE:  These are suggestions.  You are free to choose what ever dragon you think will work best.


Hidden Items:

At first you have 60 seconds to find 4 hidden Items, every time you win, the limit time decrease by 5 seconds.


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