Tales of Solaris Guild Skills

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After joining a guild, members can use Guild Contribution and skill points to learn guild skills. The higher the HolyAcademylevel is, the higher level skills can be learned.

List of Guild Skills



Life Blessing

Increases max HP

Magic Blessing

Increases max MP

Iron Shield

Increases physical and magical defense

Enhanced Assault

Increases Attack

Shadow Sally

Increases Speed

Poison Resistance

Increases Poison Resistance

Burn Resistance

Increases Burn Resistance

Bleed Resistance

Increases Bleed Resistance

Stun Resistance

Increases Stun Resistance

Petrify Resistance

Increases Petrify Resistance

Slumber Resistance

Increases Slumber Resistance

Silence Resistance

Increases Silence Resistance

Chaos Resistance

Increases Chaos Resistance

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