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Special thanks to Kitwritten for sharing this Wartune Clothing guide.

Note: the budget for both players, was 4000 balens each as Kitwritten wanted to create a guide aimed at the players with limited budgets. Witchs clothing was the more expensive as she wanted to do wing conversion, neither player wanted hats.

The only part worse than getting dressed, is looking good... and R2 games has made that a reality for so many players with the addition of the new clothing option for players....

What may be confusing to some players, is how the clothing works, so I will answer a few questions for the players

1) your clothing is just a new look for players, it doesn't replace your existing armour and weapon so players need to work on their sets.....

2) When you hide the clothing, using the hide clothing option, your stats will not change, they will remain the same. if you remove the clothing / wings from the clothing item slots, then your stats will change.

3) clothing can be purchased with balens, the synthing and converting of the clothing uses gold.

4) Players can fail to synth clothing from level 2 and higher, if they want to risk not using luck stones, a failure can mean that you lose a item, so players do so at their own risk, R2 admin will not replace items lost to synthing if it turns out to be the players actions that resulted in the outcome.

Now to help players, I will list the help of my lovely assistant, Witch,

Players that want to know about the clothing, continue to read.

players that want to get started with creating their outfits, click here to go to the syn and conversion guide

For a guide to using fashion cores click here to go to the Fashion core guide

The first step is to buy the clothing, and your ease of purchasing, you need to make your way to the balen shop which is to the right of the recharge icon on your R2 toolbar. Open the shop and make your way to the clothing section...

1) This is the viewing window, this is where you can try before you buy, the helm armour, weapon

 and wings icons to the left, will light up as you try on different clothing and also display the level of the clothing.

2) This is the item selection window where a player can choose what type of clothing they wish to look at and what style.

3) By holding your icon over the clothing item, you will see a Click to try on option and the stats of the clothing, the Click to try on option, is merely a preview of what you will look like in the clothing, IE: try before you buy

Here are a few different mix and match looks to give players some ideas on the clothing

Wartune ClothingWartune ClothingWartune ClothingWartune Clothing

As players mix and match their clothing, there are trend setter fashions that can be found by players, that give a whole new look

Wartune Clothing

Players have the option to upgrade their clothing in the tailoring area, which is accessible when they click on their profile and click the equipment tab or they click on their inventory ( hot key B ) and open up a window.

Wartune Tailoring Area

Tailoring page, synthing and converting weapons and armour

Wartune Tailoring Screen

The tailoring screen is laid out as follows.

1) Empty clothing slot, as a player buys items or upgrades existing clothing, they will be able to swap the clothing in and out as they create new looks

2) Full clothing slot, your full wings are counted as clothing and able to be upgraded. Mini wings which were part of a promo event, are not upgradable .

3) The hide clothing option allows you to hide your unique clothing look and return to the basic R2 weapons and armour. clicking on that, will affect all the clothing items including wings. The boost from the clothing will remain active with the player, just like with the mounts.

4) Clothing synthesis, this is where players get to play the med fashion designer as they upgrade their clothing to the next level.

5) Clothing Conversion can be used to change the level of items, IE a level 2 bow and a level 1 armour can be converted to a level 1 bow and level 2 armour

This is Gwyddion, My character on S44.... bit of a stud mufffin and a real mages man... but he needs a new look.


So off to the clothing shop I go, and I want level 1 weapons, armor and a good luck charm for synthing level 2 and higher items and clothing. I have brought two level 1 gothic weapons, and I am getting ready to syn them to level two, I need two level one bows to level 2 or I could use a fashion core as a substitute.

Wartune Clothing Shop

As we can see, I have my two level 1 bows in place, my success rate is excellent and its going to require me to spend 20k gold, It is not possible to use a luck stone here as you have a 100% chance of success of synthing a level 2 item

Wartune synthing

There is a random factor that you can end up with a rare item... I ended up with a level 2 rare weapon, but its not the look I am after, I want a bad to the bone, forum mod look.


So I go and buy another gothic bow and head to the conversion page, where I put my level 2 rare item and a level 1 weapon up and I see that its going to require 20k,... I cross my fingers and ...

Wartune Conversion

I now have a level 2 gothic bow and a level 1 rare weapon.... woohoo

Wartune Conversion

Ok I want to upgrade my armour, and I use the same technique as I do for the weapon, I go to the clothing synthe page

Wartune Clothing Synthe

Mod Kitwritten is bad to the bone..... but R2 stormaggedon is still looking like a bad to the bone, R2 admin


Bad to the bone is not bad enough for a R2 mod, I wanna be more R2 admin bad to the bone, so that means that i need to upgrade. So I take the 2 level 2 gothic bows that I have created and I get ready to upgrade them to a level 3 bow. and this time I need a luck stone, as my success rate without it would be fair and that means a chance of failure and the cost is 40K

Wartune Good Luck

SO I get a luck stone, and put it in, that means my success rate is excellent...

Wartune Good Luck

Now I am almost as bad to the bone, as the R2 admin...

Wartune Good Luck

Using fashion cores to syn a new look

Witch gladly offered to be the model for this section of the clothing guide, her opinion may differ but somebody had to *volunteer * for the fashion core guide lol


After 5 hours and one shop later, witch was finally happy with her purchases, including a second set of wings so she can synth her level one wings.


Clothing synth stage one, Witch is synthing her wand, using a fashion core instead of a second weapon. and it is showing as 2/1 ... please notice that there is no good luck stone being used as there is no need to use a luck stone. The success rate is excellent, the cost is 20k gold


Weapon syn stage 2, weapon is level 2, and witch is going to see if she can get to level three despite the fact that there is a chance that the syn can go wrong as the success rate is good, not excellent.... notice that she is only using one fashion core, She could use more fashion cores to increase her chances of success, or use a second level 2 weapon and a weapon core


I am not sure if it was a success or a mistake... witch got the level 3 weapon but not the look she wants.... the trident with a fish on it, is not a very majestic sorceress look, so she wants to change that


Witch brought another weapon, a level one gothic weapon and so she is going to convert a level 3 weapon with a level one weapon to get the look she wants while retaining the level 3 weapon bonus.


Success, Witch has the level and the look she wants for the weapon now, shes one happy witch, a level 3 gothic weapon


This part was a experience for witch and I, as wings are not cheap at 1995 balens a set, but she wanted a change, and chose the butterfly wings, then set about synthing them from level one to level two


They converted to the butterfly look and level two, witch was happy that they did not turn into bat wings...


Witchs new look, a bit too blue for my liking, maybe the earth elven wings would look better...... but we are on a budget lol


In order to help players better plan out their fashion designer endeavors

* Note * Players can fail to synth clothing from level 2 and higher, if they want to risk not using luck stones, a failure can mean that you lose a item, so players do so at their own risk, R2 admin will not replace items lost to synthing if it turns out to be the players actions that resulted in the outcome.

Fashion Item & Fashion Item / Fashion Core will create Level 2 clothing

Level 2 Item & Level 2 Item & Good Luck Charmx1, will create Level 3 Cloth

Level 3 Item & Level 3 Item & Good Luck Charmx2, will create Level 4 Cloth

Level 4 Item & Level 4 Item & Good Luck charmx3, will create Level 5 Cloth

Wings Level 1 & Fashion Core x 5 will create Level 2 Wing

Wings Level 2 & Wing Level 2 & Good Luck Charm x2, will create Wings Level 3

Wings Level 3 & Wing Level 3 & Good Luck Charm x3, will create Wings Level 4

Each item that is crafted, will give a set amount of rage per item, to your rage count at the start of a battle

Level 1 normal rage plus 5 rage

Level 2 normal rage plus 7 rage

Level 3 normal rage plus 9 rage

Level 4 normal rage plus 11 rage

The trend setter look is one of the random *bonuses * that players can enjoy when synthing clothing... it is a random event ...
in this pic, its only the *armour * that is a trendsetter look, the trendsetter weapon is the electric guitar which I do not have


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