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You'll need more than automatic weapons to master Breach & Clear. Instead of busting in guns blazing, you must figure out the best ways to approach situations before engaging enemies in turn-based combat. Don't stay on the losing end of battle. Turn the tide with the following tips.

Breach & Clear

-Don't press the Breach button on the lower right until you're satisfied with your moves.

-Before moving a soldier, make sure he's looking in the right direction. Hint: towards bad guys.

-To re-select a soldier, press his corresponding icon on the right side of the screen.

-While using a shotgun or explosives to open a door makes for a dramatic entrance, using these methods often attracts enemies. Try opening/kicking through the door instead.

-It's always a good idea to equip soldiers with health packs before starting a mission. This means you'll be able to heal the wounded.

-Avoid leaving soldiers out in the open. Move them to cover as much as possible.

-Attack enemies from the rear to catch them off guard.

-Although the game gives you the option to break the squad into two-person teams, it's OK to have everyone stick together. Sure, you may not clear the stage in the quickest time, but you'll achieve maximum firepower.

-Never throw grenades within range of fellow soldiers. Doing this has deadly consequences.

-Spend XP to upgrade a soldier's stats, including Accuracy, Reaction Time, Health, Speed and Evasion.

-Make sure each soldier complements the other by mixing the different classes, all of which have signature strengths; the list includes Fire Team Leader, Weapons Sergeant, Breacher, Direct Action, Medic and Intelligence.

-The Navy Seals do a great job eliminating hostiles, but don't be afraid to experiment with the other groups. Among them, the Army SF, Army Rangers and JTF2.

-Use grenades to flush enemies out from cover.

-Better completion times lead to superior mission ratings.

-Just like your soldier, automatic rifles have stats too. Spend in-game currency to customize weapons at the Workbench, adding scopes, grips, suppressors and other gadgets that make these guns more effective.

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