Zynga Launches Solstice Arena on iOS

Date: Jun 13 2013 19:39:33 Source: Inside Social Games Views:
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Zynga has released Solstice Arena, a mobile multiplayer online battle arena game for iOS devices today, which was developed by A Bit Lucky, creators of Lucky Train and Lucky Space.

Solstice Arena

The game is free to play, A Bit Lucky emphasizes that the game will still be fair and not give purchase-based advantages. Players cannot buy in-game powers. It looks as if the studio has taken precautions to ensure that the game is not pay to win as upgrades must be earned, not bought.

Solstice Arena

With Solstice Arena, matches are expected to last around 10 minutes. MOBA genre games on PC typically have matches last more than an hour. To combat this, Zynga and A Bit Lucky have made Solstice Arena matches 3v3, while most MOBA games are 5v5. The new game also introduces new intuitive controls more appropriate for mobile devices while most gamers are more accustom to keyboard and mouse controls.

With Solstice Arena, Zynga is looking to appeal to this large audience as well as the more casual gamer that may not be as familiar with PC gaming. With the MOBA genre, there is a significant learning curve and it remains to be seen if the genre will catch on for mobile.

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