The Best Mobile Phones for Gaming of 2013

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These are a few of the very best mobile phones to hit the shops this year, for those who want to play casino games.


The Best Mobile Phones for Gaming of 2013

One of the major advantages that the HTC One offers mobile casino gamers is its speed – thanks to the 2GB RAM and 1.7GHz processing power, which makes a considerable difference as casino games graphics get more sophisticated with the introduction of 3D. It also has an impressively sized screen, at 4.7 inches, which despite not being the biggest available for an Android smartphone, is still more than big enough – but the real bonus is the image quality. 468ppi pixel density and Super AMOLED display technology ensures that you get crisp, sharp images and dynamic colour contrast.

iPhone 5

The Best Mobile Phones for Gaming of 2013

A major perceived gaming weakness of the iPhone, compared with smartphones has always been the screen size. The iPhone 5 still has a smaller screen than Android phones, but the 16:9 HD screen greatly improves games played in landscape format – and the screen is the biggest offered by an iPhone yet. This also makes touch screen gaming more comfortable than it is on most Android phones, by giving more space to move your thumbs. The downside is that the 4 inch screen is still a good inch smaller than that offered by the other top smartphones, but the A6 processor matches them for speed and power.

Samsung Galaxy S4

The Best Mobile Phones for Gaming of 2013

This may be the single best phone for casino – or any other type – of gaming, as it combines all of the best elements in one device. You get a superb 5 inch HD Super AMOLED screen, offering top notch colour contrast and overall image clarity, while the quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor ensures that it is a lightning fast gaming phone. At a time when many of the top mobile casino sites are optimising their games for Android, the S4 probably represents the best phone you can get for taking advantage of this new entertainment on a mobile.



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