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The next generation of heroes, including newcomer Cammi, take center stage in Marvel: Avengers Alliance Spec Ops 33. We talked with Associate Producer Tony Sherrill all about what to expect from the latest mission. What’s the plot of the latest Spec Op?

Tony Sherrill: S.H.I.E.L.D. finds itself confronted with byzantine machinations and the disappearance of the newest generation of heroes. Led on a wild chase, they must confront the dark question: if S.H.I.E.L.D. can't keep young heroes safe what else may have fallen through the cracks? How did you settle on Cammi as the reward hero?

Tony Sherrill: The story for this Spec Op is aimed towards the younger generation of heroes and Cammi, being such a great character, was a perfect fit. She also has a great history with Drax the Destroyer. My favorite move that the design team came up with for her is called Jet Pack Combo. In this move she flies to her opponent using her jet pack, fires twice with her pistol, kicks the target, and then lays a mine at their feet. Cammi then flies back to her team and detonates the mine.

When we first started developing her and nailing down her look and feel for [“Avengers Alliance”], our newest artist was asked to draw her portrait. This was his very first portrait and he had only been here for about two weeks at the time. He was given the 10 or so images you can find of her online. Using the limited amount of reference material he had and the fact that she was born in Coot’s Bluff, Alaska he had drawn her as Aleut. When we presented her portrait to Marvel for feedback they absolutely loved how our artist had drawn her and so that’s how she remained in our game. How did you choose Death Locket as a villain?

Tony Sherrill: Cammi and Death Locket have had some great interactions in the comics. In fact, in was Cammi that referred to Rebecca “Becca” Ryker as “Deathlok-ette,” basically calling her a female Deathlok. Becca misunderstood what Cammi had said and took on the name Death Locket for herself. For our game her Prosthetic Arm transforms into to several different weapons—Flame thrower, Sniper Rifle, and Cannon. Her Rapid Fire move is where you really get the feel of who she is, as her Deathlok Cybernetics fire off several quick laser blasts, while she’s looking the other way and wincing.

1 of 2 Cammi in Marvel: Avengers Alliance Were there some AVENGERS ARENA and AVENGERS UNDERCOVER fans working on this one?

Tony Sherrill: We love all things Marvel. We live and breathe Marvel. We’ve actually based an entire Spec Op off Murderworld before, so this Spec Op is taking place after Murderworld, [and] we’re calling it Masters of Evil: Headhunting. What other heroes step up for this mission?

Tony Sherrill: You’ll see some of the next generation of powered people in this one: all of the Runaways, Nova, Kamala Khan, Ultimate Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen to name a few. In fact, Mission 1 restricts you from using anyone except for them, as well as X-23, Kate Bishop, Amazing Spider-Woman, and Spider-Girl. Oh, and Spider-Gwen and Kate Bishop are required to fight the Epic Boss in Mission 3. What other villains will we see?

Tony Sherrill: Well, in Mission 1 Zemo captures the younger heroes and transports them to the Savage Land. Here you’ll get to fight evolved dinosaurs called Iso-Saurs. You’ll also get to a chance to fight members of the U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M. or Underground Liberated Totally Integrated Mobile Army to Unite Mankind. I love saying that. Shocker, Beetle, Savin, the U Foes, and the Wrecking Crew also make an appearance. Gotta punch em’ all. What kind of tech can we get our hands on?

Tony Sherrill: In this Spec Op you collect Deathlok Tech Components in order to research Deathlok Tech. The themed gear set is called the Deathlok Set. Having more than one of piece of the set applies a heal to the Agent on use. Other bonuses for this set include gaining a permanent blessing to the team, immunity to Winded, Exploit Shields and Paragon Exploiter, as well as increased Evasion and Defense. It’s a fun set.

Join “Marvel: Avengers Alliance” and play the latest Spec Op, coming soon!

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