2K Launches Battleborn Tap Companion Game on iOS, Android

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2K launched Battleborn Tap on iOS and Android. The clicker or idle game allows users to earn rewards for Gearbox Software’s Battleborn on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

In Battleborn Tap, players tap on the screen to fire lasers at enemies. As they defeat enemies, they’ll collect shards that can be spent on Battleborn, or characters that will automatically attack enemies even when players aren’t tapping or actively playing the game.

Gamers can spend shards to upgrade the attack power and health of their Battleborn. If a Battleborn falls in battle, players can spend Credits, the game’s premium currency, to revive them instantly, or wait for them to recover automatically over time. Users can also spend shards to upgrade their own attack power, so they deal more damage with each tap.

In addition to upgrading their Battleborn with shards, players can collect gear for their characters, which can improve their stats. Each gear item also increases the player’s global damage bonus, so their Battleborn deal more damage with each attack.

Gear items are available in Loot Packs in the game’s store. Players receive free Standard Packs over time, while Rare and Epic Packs are available to purchase using premium currency.

While players can purchase premium currency with real money, they can also earn free currency by completing in-game achievements.

If players connect Battleborn Tap to their Gearbox SHiFT account, they can use the mobile game to unlock rewards in Battleborn on console and PC. For connecting to their SHiFT account, Battleborn Tap players also receive an exclusive gold Orendi skin to redeem in the main Battleborn game.

Battleborn Tap is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.



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