Clash Royale: More Gold and Rewards in Latest Update

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The free-to-play game Clash Royale is about to get its biggest update yet, and Supercell are including some balance changes to keep things fair, along with a change to the way that gold is generated in-game.


Ever since Clash Royale was released back in March, Supercell has kept Clash fans happy by providing them with a fast-paced and competitive new mobile game to play. Players of Clash of Clans feel at home when firing up Clash Royale, and with these new changes, the game is going to be an even better experience for mobile gamers everywhere.

More Rewards for All!
One of the main parts of this new update is a change in the reward system in Clash Royale. There have been some quiet grumblings over the last few weeks about how difficult it is to progress as a free-to-play player, but this is all about to change with the implementation of a new gold system. At the moment, gold can only be looted from chests, but after the update players will receive gold for each and every win, even if there are no free chest slots. On top of this, there are increased rewards in all other parts of the game, which is great news for free-to-play players:

•Crown Chest: The Crown Chest will have twice as much loot hidden inside!
•Giant, Magical, Super Magical Chests: Drop chance has been increased.
•Guild Donations and Requests: Increased rewards in higher arenas.
•Legendary Cards: These cards will now be available to buy with in-game gold from the card shop.
  Nerf to Defensive Buildings
Now that Clash Royale has been live for a few weeks, Supercell have had a chance to watch how the game is played, and if any of the spells or units need tinkering with. At the moment, a lot of players have been saying that some of the defensive buildings are too strong, and especially difficult to deal with in the lower arenas. Supercell have taken this feedback and will be knocking some of the buildings around with the nerfbat when the patch lands. The update will reduce the strength of the Mortar, Bomb Tower, Elixir Collector, and Cannon. This will come as a nice surprise for some players, and hopefully the frustration of going up against decks with these cards will stop.

There are a few rumors of new Clash Royale cards being released in the coming weeks, but there’s nothing concrete at the moment. As soon as we get any more information about new cards, we will be sure to let everyone know. Until then, click the button below and head over to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to download Clash Royale if you haven’t already!




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