League of Angels - Paradise Land Pre-registration Now Open

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League of Angels - Paradise Land, a fantasy turn-based RPG for Android and iOS endorsed by a mysterious superstar, has just started its Global Pre-registration!


Game publisher GTarcade has announced that their new project League of Angels - Paradise Land is now open for pre-registration! The story of Paradise Land takes place in the world of Elysium, where a nefarious power has toppled the rule of the Angels. The strife between the Humans, Elves, and Orcs have intensified even more. When the Prophecy of the Apocalypse spread across the land, it became woven into the fabric of fate. Legend says only the "Omega," an ancient relic of the Angels, has the power to alter the grim fate of the world and prevent its end.

With a senior art director from GTA5 overseeing the game’s design, players can expect beautiful 3D graphics and dynamic scenery to bring the game to life. Paradise Land also provides a unique and innovative RPG experience through multiple progression paths and a wide variety of gameplay, such as a dual-resource combat system.


League of Angels - Paradise Land is the latest mobile title in the League of Angels series. Its predecessor League of Angels 2 has been named one of Facebook’s Best Web Games of 2016. Another game, Legacy of Discord - Furious Wings, published by GTarcade has become the top-grossing mobile ARPG in Europe and the Americas.


For the pre-registration event, when the number of pre-registered users reaches specific milestones, all participants will unlock corresponding rewards. Once the Open Beta begins, a Pre-registration Reward Gift Code will be sent to each pre-registered player’s email.


According to the team, this game is endorsed by a superstar who will embrace her inner heroine in the upcoming film. "League of Angels has portrayed a group of classical angels, who represent the combination of beauty, strength, power and grace. The spokeswoman’s qualities match perfectly with these angels. We will announce this endorsement with the global release of the game in late May." the team said.

Join the Global Pre-registration event and witness the birth of a new epic saga!

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